Pilgrimage 33 holy sites around Iwami Ginzan Silver mine

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About Pilgrimage 33 holy sites around Iwami Ginzan Silver mine[edit]

The origin of Pilgrimage 33 Temples around Iwami Ginzan Silver mine is recorded in “Kanchozuihitsu” (historical records and stories) in Hanecho, Ohda city written between 1658 and 1846.


大田市文化財 書 S47.3.8 紙本墨書観聴随筆 4巻 波根町 個人 万治元年(1658)〜弘化3年(1846) 天領下記録

The Manuscript ”Sekishuginzan Chikasato Junreiengi”( origin of Pilgrimage around Sekishuginzan Silver mine) written in 1693 was found in an old family storehouse in Sakuraecho, Gohtsu city during Gohnokawa river flood cleanup in 2018.


Visiting and researching each site according to the manuscript revived Pilgrimages path for 33 Temples and Kannon Bodhisattvas around Iwami Ginzan Silver mine, and came out as this website. Two-third of the temples remain their buildings, and one-third of them are ruin or maintained as hermitages by devoted villagers.

We hope that you will experience glimpses of people’s beliefs, wishes for their wellbeing and leisure in 400 years ago while visiting these 33 Temples.

Let's go to Iwami Silvermine Museum before going to Pilgrimage 33 holy sites around Iwami Ginzan Silver mine.
There are the maps and some information in Iwami Silvermine Museum

Pilgrimage Experience[edit]

Today, we will relive the pilgrimage through the eyes of local students. 
We selected 7 temples to introduce so that you can experience nature and temples 
around Iwami silver mine.
By University of Shimane, Faculty of International Relations International Communication Course

About the 33 Temples[edit]

No Honorific mountain Name image Affilliation Address Kannnon 本尊 Seal stamp YouTube
1 Mt.Ginpozan Seisuiji Temple 01清水寺.JPG Shingon ニ 95 Ohmoricho, Ohdashi 十一面観音
2 Mt.Iwayasan Jinguji Temple 02神宮寺4.jpg Shingon Ohmoricho, Ohdashi × 十一面観音
3 Mt.Gyokuhozan Ryushoji Temple 03龍昌寺3.jpg Soto Ohmoricho, Ohdashi × 釈迦如来
4 Mt.Sekijozan Kanzeonji Temple 04快算院1.JPG Shingon イ1383 Ohmoricho, Ohdashi 聖観音
5 Mt.Sokuozan Shogenji Temple 05勝源寺1.JPG Jodo イ430-1 Ohmoricho, Ohdashi × 阿弥陀如来
6 Mt.Hukuozan Zenkoji Temple 06善興寺1.JPG Soto 19Amagochi, Nimacho, Ohdashi 阿弥陀如来
7 Mt.Toraisan Hateiji Temple 07波啼寺1.JPG Shingon 1315Takuno, Nimacho, Ohdashi 十一面観音
8 Mt.Kongosen Anrakuji Temple 08安楽寺1.JPG Shingon 1558 Sizumacho, Ohdashi 無量寿如来
9 Mt.Yaosan Jinguji Temple 09神宮寺1.jpg Shingon c/oMononobe shrine,1545 Kawai, Kawaicho, Ohdashi ×
10 Mt.Tennozan Kenkoji Temple 10建興寺1.jpg Soto 1196 Yoshinaga, Kawaicho, Ohdashi × 釈迦牟尼如来
11 Mt.Myokozan Enkoji Temple 11圓光寺1.jpg Soto 1369 Sasuka, Kutecho, Ohdashi × 釈迦如来
12 Mt.Juchisan Chohukuji Temple 12長福寺1.jpg Jodo 706 Hanecho, Ohdashi 阿弥陀如来
13 Mt.Kotokuzan Shorinji Temple 13松林寺1.jpg Soto 331Yamanaka, Tomiyamacho, Ohdashi × 釈迦牟尼仏
14 Mt.Reichinzan Enjoji Temple 14圓城寺1.jpg Tendai イ420 Nojiro, Sanbecho Ohdashi 千手観音
15 Mt.Kiunsan Garyuin Temple 15臥龍院1.JPG Soto 2168 Ikeda,Sanbecho,Ohdashi(Info available at Suhukuji Temple) 聖観音
16 Mt.Myokosan Daijoji Temple 16大乗寺1.jpg Soto ロ415 Shigaku, Sanbecho, Ohdashi 聖観音
17 Mt.Kanrosan Myoyuji Temple 17妙用寺1.jpg Rinzai 460 Hamahara, Misatocho, Ohchigun 阿弥陀如来
18 Mt.Shofuzan Enkoji Temple 18圓光寺1.jpg Soto 439 Kasubuchi, Misatocho, Ohchigun 馬頭観音
19 Mt.Zenyozan Anrakuji Temple 19安楽寺1.jpg Soto 343 Uchida, Misatocho, Ohchigun(No actual building) × 観世音菩薩
20 Mt.Nyoisan Enpukuji Temple 20円福寺1.jpg Shingon 459 Soshikicho, Ohdashi 聖観音
21 Mt.Rinryuzan Senganji Temple 21仙岩寺2.JPG Soto 295 Tando, Kawamotomachi, Ohchigun 薬師如来
22 Mt.Hoshozan Kannamiji Temple 22甘南備寺2.jpg Shingon 3842-1Sakamoto, Sakuraecho, Gohtsushi × 虚空蔵菩薩
23 Mt.Hochozan Chokoji Temple 23長江寺2.jpg Soto 784Yudani, Kawamotomachi, Ohchigun 聖観音
24 Mt.Sinryuzan Daikoin Temple 大光院跡.jpg Soto 1075Niiya, Ohshirocho, Ohdashi 釈迦如来
25 Mt.Sangakuzan Jibuji Temple 25鷲峰寺1.jpg Shingon Ogimura, Yunotsucho, Ohdashi 千手観音
26 Mt.Kenpozan Kongoin Temple 26金剛院1.jpg Shingon イ758 Yunotsucho, Ohdashi 千手観音
27 Mt.Kongosan Ryogonji Temple 27楞厳寺1.jpg Shingon ハ67 Hukumitsu, Yunotsucho, Ohdashi 聖観音
28 Mt.Kumanosan Ganryuji Temple 28岩瀧寺1.jpg Soto 178-3 Hongo, Hazumicho, Gohtsushi 大日如来
29 Mt.Mantokusan Fukujoji Temple 29福城寺1.jpg Soto 251Hongo, Hazumicho, Gohtsushi 釈迦如来
30 Mt.Nanyozan Jionji Temple 30慈恩寺1.jpg Rinzai 1174 Tsuchicho, Gohtsushi 十一面観音
31 Mt.Bannanzan Seitaiji Temple 31清泰寺1.jpg Rinzai 410 Ichimura, Matsukawacho, Gohtsushi 阿弥陀如来
32 Mt.Rurisan Hikasaji Temple 32日笠寺3.JPG Soto 1643 Tanijugo, Sakuraecho, Gohtsushi 薬師如来
33 Mt.Kyokozan Takanoji Temple 33高野寺1.jpg Shingon ハ480 Ida, Yunotsucho, Ohdashi 聖観音


Iwami Ginzan-ryou 33 Pilgrimage TemplesSeisui-jiJinguu-ji (Iwayasan)Ryuushou-jiKanzeon-jiShougen-jiZenkou-jiHatei-jiAnraku-ji (Kongousan)Jinguu-ji (Happyakusan)Kenkou-jiEnkou-ji (Myoukouzan)Choufuku-jiShourin-jiEnjou-jiGaryuu-inDaijou-jiMyouyuu-jiEnkou-ji (Jiganzan)Anraku-ji (Zenyouzan)Empuku-jiSengan-jiKannabi-jiChoukou-jiDaikou-inJibuu-jiKongou-inRyougon-jiGanryuu-jiFukujou-jiJion-jiSeitai-jiHikasa-jiTakano-jiEn iwamiginzan33map-1 1280px 220409.jpg
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Tours and Events[edit]

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Monitor tour in 2022



講師:仲野義文氏(石見銀山資料館館長) とき:2021年5月16日 ところ:大田市大森町「熊谷家住宅」

中世社会の宗教事情と寺院-寺社~近世の三十三ヵ所巡りを手がかりに~ 講師:井上寛司氏 とき:2021年11月28日 ところ:大田市あすてらすホール

Information and further reading[edit]

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